An ECTN (Electronic Cargo Tracking Note) certificate is required for all shipments going to Togo.

Shipping Ports in Togo

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Pre-Shipment Inspection for Togo


Information and documents required for creating an ECTN Certificate

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    ​Bill of Lading (Final B/L for validation) 
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    ​Commercial invoice / currency must be mentioned in USD or EURO
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    ​Freight invoice in the same currency (not needed in case the freight charges are mentioned on the commercial invoice)
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    ​Export Customs document
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    ​Country of Origin of the goods

Shipping Goods Exempted from Togo ECTN Certificate

  • ​Natural and source mineral water
  • ​Live animals
  • ​Plants and floriculture
  • ​ Importations which are not paying import taxes (must be declared with an I/I)
  • ​Explosive and pyrotechnic material
  • ​Personal gifts
  • ​Postal parcels
  • ​Check books
  • ​Books, brochures and similar printed material including single printed sheets of paper
  • ​Architectural, engineering, commercial, industrial, topographic or similar plans and drawings
  • ​Cartographic works of all kinds including maps
  • ​Wax prints, African prints, fancy prints and Bazin prints
  • ​Money both legal tender or other
  • ​Personal effects including used personal items
  • ​Used clothes and shoes, bags, belts
  • ​Used vehicles
  • ​Gifts to Government or to NGO (Non Governmental Organization)
  • ​Objects of art
  • ​Printed and developed cinematographic film
  • ​Journals and periodicals
  • ​Bank notes
  • ​Perishable goods, refrigerated goods such as fish, vegetables and fruits
  • ​Commercial samples
  • ​Arms and ammunition
  • ​Goods procured following an international tender
  • ​Scrap material
  • ​Goods donated by foreign governments or international organizations or benevolent foundations TOGO – 29 September 2006 COTECNA Inspection S.A. – 4/4
  • ​Goods manufactured (country of origin) in ECOWAS states i,e, CEDEAO in French
  • ​Gold and precious metals
  • ​Hydrocarbons and all petroleum products
  • ​Goods imported by Diplomatic missions and Intentional Organizations and Consulates accredited to Togo.
  • ​Importations which are not paying import takes (must be declared with an I/I)
  • ​Postal and fiscal stamps
  • ​Stamped paper

Prohibited Goods for Import to Togo

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    Drugs/ Narcotics

Restrictive Goods Shipping to Togo

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    To fight against counterfeited goods, Customs require an import license or company approval for all imported pharmaceutical products for the local market or the hinterland

Charges for Togo ECTN Certificate

For creating an ECTN certificate for Togo, different rates are applicable. This depends on the Port of Loading and type of shipment, like LCL,  FCL,  Breakbulk or RORO.

Additional Information for Togo ECTN Certificate

We are not able to create an ECTN number for Togo on forehand. Once the draft ECTN is approved, we can submit the ECTN for pre-validation to get the ECTN number. This number can be transmitted to the shipping line in order to obtain the required BL number. For validation of the ECTN we need the final Bill of Lading.

A pre-validated ECTN should be completed and validated within 5 working days. If not, the ECTN will be cancelled. All costs involved will be for the applicant’s account.
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