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Al Sharqi Shipping is a leader in the logistics industry with more than 30 years of experience in guiding and moving freight across the globe.

In August 1989 Mr. Muhammad Rafiq founded Al Sharqi Shipping.

After spending more than a decade with UASC Liner (United Arab Shipping Company), Mr Rafiq founded Al Sharqi Shipping in 1989.  Beginning life in a small office in Bur Dubai, the company offered customers customs clearance and freight forwarding, and most importantly, reliability. Over the next few years, Mr Rafiq would add other services under the nascent company’s banner, such as transportation with a fleet of trucks, and quick loading and unloading at customer premises thanks to a container side-loader.

In 2008, Al Sharqi opened its first overseas office in Karachi, Pakistan.

The overseas expansions were founded with the same values, culture and brand identity that made Al Sharqi Shipping a trusted brand among its existing customer base. By 2015, a new generation of the Rafiq family had risen up to guide Al Sharqi. Under this young leadership, Al Sharqi cemented a position in the top 100 logistics companies in Dubai.
Today, Al Sharqi shipping is recognized as one of the leading pillars of the logistics industry in the region, and has firmly set its sights on reaching even greater heights.


Established in 1989, the company Started from a small office in Bur Dubai district. The company offered customs clearance and freight forwarding. The company started a small operations with 1 office admin and 2 outdoor field staff including the leader himself


After a year, Mr. Rafiq wanted to realize his own vision of what he thought the industry needed - a better experience for all the stakeholder involved. Al Sharqi Shipping started its own transport division to provide on time deliveries to its customer using its own trucks.


Dubai Trade introduced Mirsal 1 clearance, an initiative by Dubai customs to streamline customs clearance throughout dubai. Once again his foresight proved to be accurate as AlSharqi was one of the first company onboard with the initiative and this differentiated us from our peers within the industry.


With both innovative and out of box thinking, Al Shaqi shipping bought a container side-loader to make loading and offloading faster at customer premises. The same year they implemented the second stage of dubai customs initiative to streamline customs clearance Mirsal 2 clearance. Again, one of the first to adopt the process full time.


After a detail study of Pakistan market, Al Sharqi management decided to open up an office in Karachi. The office would emulate the same values and culture and brand identity that made Al Sharqi Shipping so popular among its customers.


Implement our advanced ERP solutions to automate and further improve our processes across different offices. Also linked our offices through Google Business app and other online communication suites to fill the communication gap between different stakeholders across different offices.


Safmarine Award, Golden Customer Maersk line Award


Maersk Award, Hyundai Top Customer Award 20


Maersk Platinum Top Customer, CMA CGM Top Customer


Maersk Platinum Award, CMA CGM top Customer Award, Hyundai Top Customer Award 2014


Maersk Platinum Award, NYK Top Customer Award, CMA CGM Top Customer Award, Top Dubai SME 100


Maersk Platinum Award, CMA CGM Top Customer Award


Maersk Platinum Award, CMA CGM Top Customer Award


Maersk Platinum Award, CMA CGM Top Customer Award

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