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MOFAIC Attestation Update – Dubai Customs Guide 


MOFAIC Attestation Update – Dubai Customs Guide 

MOFAIC or the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation plays a central role in managing and coordinating the UAE’s relations with other countries and international organizations. This includes working on diplomatic missions, promoting the UAE’s interests and values on the global stage, negotiating and implementing international agreements, providing consular services to UAE citizens abroad, and supporting the country’s foreign policy objectives. 


The Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation (MOFAIC) is working on automating its attestation services. As part of this effort, clients will submit invoices to Customs Authorities when making a declaration. Dubai Customs is required to record the attestation number of the invoice as a new attribute in the relevant directives and share this information electronically with MOFAIC.

Applicable Declaration Type

In their efforts of automating the attesting services, MOFAIC has also provided the declaration type along with their attestation status. Here is the list of declaration types that will part of the automated attestation services: 


  • Import to local from ROW 
  • Import to local from FZ 
  • Import to local from CW 
  • Import Statistical Declaration 
  • Import for re-export to local from ROW 
  • Import for re-export to local from ROW 
  • Import for re-export to local from ROW 
  • Import to local after temporary admission 

Exclusion Conditions

Furthermore, certain other conditions are also specified for this Electronic Document Attestation System (EDAS). Following are all the scenarios that will not be the part of EDAS attestation and declaration changes: 


  • All the invoices that have monetary value less than 10,000 AED. 
  • The owner of the filed declaration is a Personal Customer, Passenger, or Government Entity. 
  • The items mentioned in the invoice belong to the Police & Military, Diplomatic or Charitable societies & International Organizations, Physically Challenged people’s special needs, or used personal belongings. 
  • The shipment is for short landed or return goods. 
  • The import of products originated from a GCC country. 
  • The duty has already been paid at the origin of the import from GCC country. 
  • The shipment is intended for B2C E-commerce movements. 

Declaration Invoice Header & Invoice List Page

The declaration invoice header on the platform has been the same as it was previously. You’ll have to fill out the invoice, seller details, and other required fields.  


However, there are a couple of changes to the invoice list page. This includes the option of ‘Attested with MOFAIC’ and ‘EDAS Attestation Number’. The default selection in the prior option will be a ‘Yes’ and the attestation number is made mandatory. For the MOFAIC attestation, you can also choose the option ‘No’ if it hasn’t been done yet.  


In conclusion, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation has taken a number of steps to modernize and strengthen the UAE’s diplomatic network and strengthen its international partnerships. This includes the creation and updates in Electronic Document Attestation System (EDAS). Through these initiatives, the UAE is poised to become a major player on the international stage, representing a bridge between the East and the West. 

How can Al Sharqi Shipping help

Al Sharqi’s Trade and Customs Solutions along with Customs Brokerage Division can attest commercial documents on customer’s behalf for a fee of AED 100 per invoice. It can also help in managing and storing the record for up to 6 months and finally help you avoid any fine due to failure to attest and adhere to process. 


In case of any inquiry please do not hesitate to contact us. 

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