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3PL Storage

More space when you need it.

Reduce your fixed costs and benefit from modern and secured storage facilities with our flexible warehouse solutions.

Bonded & Non-Bonded

Storage solutions for cargo that require either domestic distribution or re-export, without paying duties or taxes.

Single & Multi-Temperature

We offer storage solutions that allow you to store products at different temperatures to preserve and extend their shelf life.

Exercisable-Goods Tax Free

Businesses intending to store goods need to have an approved excise (or excise tax-free) warehouse.

The Al Sharqi Advantage

‘Connecting you to growth’ is more than a slogan or tagline. It is the very ethos of our business philosophy and mindset. A mindset which helped us grow from a handful of customers to becoming one of the major players in the region.


An award-winning logistics company with more than 30 years of experience in guiding and moving freight across the globe. A full end-to-end logistics service provider.


We empower customers with our industry experience, expertise and technology solutions to ‘transform’ their supply chain from a cost center to growth center.

Global Reach

We have trusted agents and partners operating in all major ports to ensure flexible, reliable and responsive single-source solutions across 190 countries
Our customer service team is happy to assist you with planing your next booking.