Ivory Coast


A BSC (Bordereau de Suivi de Cargaison) certificate is required for all shipments going to Ivory Coast.

Shipping Ports in Ivory Coast

  • ​Abidjan
  • ​San Perdo

Pre-Shipment Inspection for Ivory Coast


Information and documents required for creating BSC Certificate

  • ​Bill of Lading (Final B/L needed for validation) 
  • ​Commercial invoice / currency must be mentioned in USD or EURO
  • ​Freight invoice in the same currency (not needed in case the freight charges are mentioned on the commercial invoice)
  • ​F.D.I. (Fiche de Declaration a l’Importation) document provided by importer
  • ​Local insurance certificate provided by importer
  • ​Export Customs Document
  • ​Country of Origin of the goods must be mentioned on commercial invoice or packinglist
  • ​Certificate of Origin (only in case the goods origin is Outside E.U.)
  • ​Volume of the goods in case of Breakbulk or RORO shipment

Shipping Goods Exempted from Ivory Coast BSC Certificate

  • ​Containerized products exempt; Food products (e.g. salt, juices and drinks, dairy and milk products, preserved/ semi-preserved products, rice and flour, meat, frozen and deep frozen fish), pharmaceutical products, roofing plates, electrical devices
  • ​Precious stones and gold
  • ​Objects of art
  • ​ Imports with a FOB value equal or below XOF 500,000
  • ​Scrap metals
  • ​Live animals
  • ​Goods imported on a non-commercial and non-repetitive basis, for a personal use and whose value does not exceed XOF 3,000,000
  • ​Explosives, weapons, ammunition and other materials for the Army and the Police
  • ​Plants and Flowers
  • ​Fish, Vegetables and fruits fresh or refrigerated (neither frozen or deep frozen)
  • ​Used vehicles
  • ​Used personal and household effects
  • ​Cinematographic films, exposed and developed
  • ​Post parcels
  • ​Personal gifts
  • ​Donations offered by foreign governments or international organizations to the government, to foundations, to charities and to philanthropic organizations recognized as being helpful towards to public
  • ​ Imports for diplomatic entities and for United Nations organizations for their own use within Ivory Coast
  • ​Crude oil
  • ​Commercial samples
  • ​Current newspaper and periodicals, postal and fiscal stamps, stamped papers, passports, bank notes and cheque books

Prohibited Goods for Import to Ivory Coast

  • Weapons and war ammunition except collector’s items
  • Counterfeit goods
  • Drugs and narcotics
  • Hallucinogenic products except those authorised by the Ministry of Health
  • Pornographic publications
  • Products containing asbestos
  • Meat flour and bones from ruminants are forbidden for import in Ivory Coast
  • All beef and beef products from UK and Ireland
  • Plastic bags
  • Toxic waste

Restrictive Goods Shipping to Ivory Coast


Charges for Ivory Coast BSC Certificate

For creating an BSC certificate for Ivory Coast, different rates are applicable. This depends on the Port of Loading and type of shipment, like LCL,  FCL,  Breakbulk or RORO.

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