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Al Sharqi Shipping is driven by smart people with smarter technology. Our customer friendly solutions are efficient, affordable and scalable.

Provide an exceptional Customer Journey

We think deep and work hard on ways to take our customers on a journey to provide them with the ultimate ease and convenience at each stage of their supply chain. This is evident in our design that requires minimal typing on their interactions, our mobile compatible solutions with the convenience of online booking portal to provide 24/7 access and FAQs to guide them intuitively through each stage of Supply Chain.

We also know that each and every journey of our customer is unique. Our multiple languages support systems, Omnichannel communications, service level agreements, and automated systems are all designed to keep in mind – we want our customer to be one step ahead in their planning at all the times.

Time has evolved and so have we.  From DOS enabled PC and lotus software to cloud computing and mobile technology

Mobile & Customer Friendly

All our operations and ERP systems are based out of the cloud. We manage all our freight shipments through a simple online dashboard, accessible to you anywhere you want. Our mobile-friendly dashboard and GPS-enabled trucks offer full visibility of your shipment in real time and provide you with the ease and convenience of having an update anywhere, anytime.

Increase Customer Service and Efficiency

Al Sharqi Help Desk is a case-based system that uses our operational SLAs to speed up resolutions and to escalate priority cases to the right individuals. This provides a knowledge base and past case history to significantly reduce the amount of errors in our operations as well as to increase the efficiency in our customer service.

Tackle New Challenges

Al Sharqi is all set to take on the next set of challenges headed to the supply chain and logistics industry. Whether they are Big Data and Data Analytics; Drones, Autonomous Vehicles , and 3D Printing; Robotics and Automation; or Blockchain, we are gearing up and are sure to evolve with them.

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