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E-Commerce Fulfillment Services

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E-Commerce Fulfillment Services

E-commerce fulfillment services are a fast-growing aspect of the shipping industry. This is due to the growing rate at which consumers embrace online shopping within and outside of the UAE. The e-commerce market is playing a significant part in shipping activities in the UAE. According to Statista, e-commerce market revenue is expected to hit 11.78 billion USD by the end of 2023. This shows a high potential of activity level for e-commerce fulfillment services.  


One prevailing trait of e-commerce order fulfillment is fast and reliable delivery options. This resonates well with customers and makes them satisfied, hence triggering business success. Same-day and next-day delivery are the options that align with current customers’ expectations. Hence, they are the ways to customers’ hearts these days.

Same-Day Delivery: The Need for Speed

When a customer places an order, and the delivery is made to the agreed destination within 24 hours, then that is same-day delivery. This is the fastest delivery in the e-commerce space at this time and it is gaining prominence.  


In today’s competitive market, same-day delivery has become a unique selling point for several e-commerce brands. Customers love the fact that they can have their products as fast as possible. Delivery speed has become a key deciding factor for online shoppers with reports showing that over 80% of customers are willing to pay for same-day delivery. 

Customer Expectation and Market Demand

Customers are no longer patient. The rise of technology and the evolution of online retail shopping has changed customer expectations and behavior. A good example is the Amazon effect. Customers are now aware that it is possible to place orders online and get products to their doorsteps. The expedited services from leading brands like Amazon have shifted the mind of customers to the fact that they can receive their goods as fast as possible. 


Customers are now focused on immediate emotional fulfillment; hence, the rise of the instant gratification culture. However, businesses have no choice but to meet the current customer demand. To meet this need, businesses are increasingly embracing the same-day delivery concept.  


The reality is that to a large extent, businesses are dealing with time-sensitive customers. This makes the same-day delivery concept a way to satisfy customers’ needs. 

Benefits and Consideration


Customers love and demand expedited service and same-day delivery proves to satisfy customers. Customers that are happy and satisfied will become loyal, sticking to the brand, and referring the brand to other customers.  


As wonderful as the same-day delivery concept sound, it is a concept that should trigger deep thinking and considerations within the brand. This boils down to operational challenges and cost implications of same-day delivery.  


Same day is not an easy feat as it takes its toll on the overall operation. Affected areas include: 

  • Inventory management: Availability of the product is key for same-day delivery. Readily available products will make order fulfillment processes faster, which will in turn ensure speedy delivery. Inventory management must be optimized to meet the need for same-day delivery. 
  • Order fulfillment processing: It must be top-notch to meet up with the tight schedule of same-day delivery. Receiving, picking, and sorting must be optimized to avoid errors and increase speed.  
  • Transportation: The actual transportation can be challenging. Same-day delivery means you have trucks or vans on the road plying different routes every day. This means a business must have a good number of vehicles or partner with a carrier with a robust vehicle fleet.  
  • Manpower: There have to be more hands to help prepare products for delivery. This imposes a great need for a good number of labor forces.  

In a bid to make these areas fit to handle same-day delivery, a business will accrue larger costs. This can include: 

  • The cost of employing technological solutions for inventory management software and order fulfillment systems. 
  • The cost of employing and managing a large fleet of vehicles for product transportation. 
  • The cost of paying a large labor force or staff 
  • And other operational costs. 

Next-Day Delivery: Balancing Speed and Efficiency

Next-day delivery is a cushion to the urgency of same-day delivery. It is a concept where products are delivered a day after they were ordered. Next-day delivery provides a balance between speed, efficiency, and convenience in the shipping industry.  

Meeting Customer Needs and Preferences

The number of customers happy with the fact that they make a purchase online with convenience is massive. Customers prefer a flexible delivery model, that is, if they cannot get their product ordered the same day, the next day should be the target day.  


Several customers find lengthy delivery times inconvenient since several products are ordered to meet daily needs. They believe that asking for same-day delivery may not be realistic, but a next-day delivery is achievable.  


The larger market in time past viewed next-day delivery as a premium service. The nature and operational needs for next-day delivery made it a service offered by very few retailers. However, in a fast-paced retail/e-commerce space where the competition is high, next-day delivery has become a regular requirement and service. Customers on every scale now expect retailers to offer next-day delivery as a regular package.  

Benefits and Consideration

Next-day delivery offers a competitive advantage since it aligns with the current market demand. Several retailers offer next-day delivery, which is making it a growing norm in e-commerce. Hence businesses can increase their chances of winning customers via next-day delivery. 


On the flip side, there are considerations that must be made in order to offer next-day delivery to customers. This includes optimizing logistics and order processing workflow. Next-day delivery means that all processes that prepare the product and transport it for delivery must be efficient. These processes must be fast and void of errors. The availability of ordered products is also a key factor. 


To efficiently execute next-day delivery, you must optimize the following: 

  • Inventory management to ensure that products are available for quick delivery 
  • Order fulfillment processes such as picking, packing, and loading onto carriers must be optimized  
  • Choice of carrier or transport network. Businesses can have a private fleet or use carriers. Whichever method is employed, it must be optimized. 

Optimization is possible through efficient planning and utilization of technological solutions, such as warehouse management software, transport management software, etc.  

Factors to Consider in Choosing the Right Delivery Option

Customer Base and Target Market

Customers are significant influences on how a business will run. Every process and operation must be tailored to the customer’s needs. To know the ideal delivery option, you must first understand your customer’s needs. This involves analyzing the demographics and preferences. Good market research and customer feedback should get you the right answers. 


Dig into customers’ preferences regarding speed and convenience, then model the delivery options to see how they meet these needs.  

Product Nature and Shelf Life

The product’s nature and shelf life can suggest the appropriate delivery speed. For example, food products consumed daily will need much faster delivery options than clothing products. Products with short shelf life need to move out as fast as possible and can be ideal for same-day delivery. 


The ideal delivery option should be one that will ensure product quality and safety while in transit. This will prevent loss and rejection upon getting to the customer. 

Logistics and Operational Capabilities

Each delivery option has its implication on the logistics and operational capability of the business. As a result, you have to evaluate the transport network and infrastructure that is needed for each method.  Align this assessment with the current capability of your business and estimate all that you need to put in place for the delivery option to work. 


The next stop is assessing the current ecommerce order fulfillment process Will that efficiency level suffice for the delivery option? That is a significant question you must answer. Plan and factor in all that must be put in place to improve efficiency level to meet the delivery options. 

order to delivery process

Striking the Balance: Offering a Hybrid Approach

Understanding the Hybrid Model

The hybrid model refers to the combination of same-day and next-day delivery. This helps to strike a proper balance in meeting customer needs and not over-stretching the capacity of the business. The hybrid model gives a business the opportunity to accommodate a wider range of customer needs, there is much flexibility and a win-win situation. 

Leveraging Technology and Data Analytics

Technology can offer so much for an efficient hybrid delivery model. Each component of the hybrid model has a common factor which is rapid delivery speed. This speed is made possible via the efficient order processing and transportation system. This is where technology comes in to help.  


Technology will optimize routes and provide real-time tracking to eliminate delay factors while in transit. Through data analytics, businesses can forecast demand, which will aid logistics planning. Optimizing these areas puts the business in motion to fulfill customer needs via the hybrid model. 

Customer Communication and Transparency

Customer communication keeps everyone in the loop and ensures transparency. This involves customers clearly stating their delivery expectations and the business letting them know how it will play out. Communication channels should be activated such as emails, social media, etc. Through these media, businesses can give proactive updates and notifications for improved customer experience.  

How Al Sharqi Can Help

Al Sharqi can help streamline your e-commerce fulfillment services for better efficiency. Be it the same-day, next-day, or hybrid delivery model, we can help fulfill your customer’s needs. Al Sharqi is one of the leading 3PL in the UAE with quality experience in optimizing inventory management and e-commerce distribution & fulfillment solutions. 


We will help tailor delivery options to suit customers’ needs. With technological implementation, we will aid demand forecast, optimize transport routes, and takes out delay factors. In the end, we will help satisfy your customers’ needs and keep them loyal.


Fast and reliable e-commerce fulfillment services continue to give the UAE shipping industry more accolades and ratings. This speaks volumes about the development, efficiency, and alignment of customer needs in the shipping industry. Same-day and next-day delivery gives brands a competitive advantage and leads to customer satisfaction and loyalty. However, businesses must consider optimizing their logistics and order-processing workflow to meet up with these rapid delivery models. A hybrid approach takes it to a new level where businesses gain flexibility in meeting diverse customer needs.  

Frequently Asked Questions

Same-day delivery is faster than next-day delivery since products are delivered the same day they were ordered. Next-day delivery will see the product delivered the following day after the order has been placed.  

None takes a clear edge over the other, since both fulfill different needs of the UAE market. This is why a hybrid model is the best as it can cater to the diverse UAE market needs.  

The recent trend in customer behavior and preferences show that they want speedy delivery. Hence same-day delivery will meet their needs and make them happy. In turn, they will stick around where their needs are met.  

The operational challenges include: 


  • Inventory management: The need to ensure that products are available anytime orders are placed. Products have to be available before the order is processed, hence below-par inventory management will disrupt same-day delivery services 
  • Operational workflow efficiency: This involves efficiency in every fulfillment process. It has to be accurate and fast, which is pretty challenging 
  • Transport network: Same-day delivery puts several vehicles on the road. Hence needs a large fleet with proper management. Optimizing the route also falls into this category which can be a challenging task.  

Next-day delivery offers businesses a competitive advantage. It also helps balance speed and convenience, and cost-effectiveness. Customers are also satisfied with next-day delivery.  

Our customer service team is happy to assist you with planing your next booking.


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