Our Philosophy Our motto “Helping you grow” forms an important part of our work DNA


Al Sharqi Shipping was first founded by Mr. Muhammad Rafiq in the year 1989. After spending nearly a decade in the Shipping and Logistics Industry of Dubai, Mr. Rafiq forayed into his own vision of what he thought the industry needed – a better experience for all the stakeholders involved.

At the time, the industry was plagued with unprofessionalism, defaults on commitments and a depressed customer supply chain; dishonesty was widespread. It was during this time, Mr. Rafiq decided to provide an alternative to the customer: a company that is built on solid value and committed not only to its service but to all of its stakeholders as well.

Al Sharqi Shipping wanted to “Help You Grow”

Today, “helping you grow” has formed an important part of our business philosophy and mindset. A mindset which helped us grow from a handful of customers to becoming one of the major players in the region.


You, as the shipper, are one of the key players in the industry. And we, at Al Sharqi, want to help you grow. Our aim is to provide the best possible service to our customers, the shippers. We want to help our customers grow, to achieve their goals.

By use of technology, smart people and a strong commitment to our values, we adapt and deliver to our customer’s needs for timely supply chain solutions – offering them visibility and insights. In fact, our customers who have been with us for the last 20-25 years appreciate the honesty and transparency in our practices, the attention to details in our interactions and our promise to deliver on their commitments.


About 90% of world trade is carried by the international shipping industry and air cargo alone carried 51.2 million tons of freight in 2015 and 35% of interregional exports of goods by value.

Carriers are an important pillar to Global Trade and to our Shipping Ecosystems. It is with the support of these carriers that we are able to fulfill our commitments – whether it’s a one-time load or a dedicated trade lane. We care about building a strong, long-lasting relationship with our partners and that is why we are committed to our carriers growth as well.Our round the clock helpline is not just available to our customers, but also to our partners. Our aim is to collaborate with them and help them make their process smoother, so we can mutually grow together.

Read more about our continuous collaboration and achievements with our partners, the carriers.


As a family run business, each member of Al Sharqi is part of the family. For us at Al Sharqi, a family is not just a term, but rather a commitment to each other. Whether you are located at our branch in Tanzania, Pakistan or UAE, you are part of the Al Sharqi family. Top to down, horizontally or vertically, we share in each other’s success. At Al Sharqi, everyone matters. We take care of each other and we help each other grow. Our hiring practices are not just looking for a good fit with the organization, but rather with the family as well – people who are willing to learn and grow every day. These deeply ingrained values are what drives our organizational culture and performance. It’s simple: at Al Sharqi, you’ll have the opportunity to not only grow professionally but also personally.


Al Sharqi Shipping is continuously looking for ways to help out the community. Each member of the Al Sharqi family is embedded with a deep sense of respect for our community and its needs. Whether its meal box distribution during Ramadan season or our year-round proud support of the Rashed Center for Disabled, Al Sharqi has its hands and feet planted firmly in the community. Local or international, the Al Sharqi family is looking to increase its community footprint and is always striving to give back.

If you have an initiative which requires Al Sharqi’s support, we are all ears. Reach out to us here.

Al Sharqi wants to help our community grow.


As a strong believer and implementer of corporate social responsibility, Al Sharqi has tuned its business practices around the same principles. Continuously seeking to reduce its carbon footprint on the environment, Al Sharqi is always looking ways to streamline its processes, eliminate inefficiencies and reduce waste. From introducing concepts such as “zero waste paper” or Driver’s education to reduce the amount of Co2 emissions in our daily operations, we are constantly working to not only reduce our impact on the environment but to also benefit it.

Let Al Sharqi help you grow.