Hague-Visby Rules

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International regulations governing the liability of carriers in maritime transportation, maintaining a standard for safeguarding cargo and establishing the rights and obligations of carriers and shippers.

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What are the Hague-Visby Rules?

The Hague-Visby Rules refer to a set of internationally recognized laws that govern the rights and responsibilities of carriers and shippers in sea freight transportation. 


Under these rules, carriers are liable for the safe transportation of goods from the point of origin to the destination. So, they must exercise due diligence in handling the cargo and maintaining a seaworthy vessel. In case of product loss, damage, or delay, carriers may be held responsible unless they can prove that all necessary precautions were in place to prevent such occurrences. 


The Hague-Visby Rules also instruct shippers on the carrier’s liability limit, defining the maximum compensation payable in case of cargo loss or damage. Additionally, these rules outline the time limit for submitting liability claims, so that shippers can seek compensation for any losses incurred during transit. 


Primarily, these rules enhance trust and transparency between carriers and shippers, fostering a more secure and reliable global supply chain by ensuring fair treatment and protection of cargo interests.

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