What is Bill of Lading (BL)?

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A legal document provided by an Ocean carrier to shipper containing the details of goods.

What is Bill of Lading (BL)?

A bill of lading is a document issued by a carrier to a shipper. The document serves as a receipt for the goods that have been shipped, and it also outlines the terms of the shipment. 


A bill of lading typically includes information such as the name of the consignee, the type and quantity of goods being shipped, and the weight and dimensions of the cargo. Additionally, a bill of lading will list any special instructions or conditions associated with the shipment.  


Carriers use bills of lading as evidence of ownership rights to transported goods, which can also help in cases where lost or damaged cargo is claimed. When presented to customs officials, a bill of lading can be used to prove that duty and taxes on imported goods have been paid.  

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