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Clean Bill of Lading

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A bill of lading that indicates that the cargo has been received by the carrier in good condition.

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What is a Clean Bill of Lading?

A Clean Bill of Lading in shipping is a document that indicates that the goods being shipped have been loaded in good condition and in accordance with the terms of the carriage contract. It is a document issued by the carrier or shipping line to the shipper, and it serves as proof of shipment and receipt of the goods. 


A Clean Bill of Lading implies that the goods being shipped have been properly packed, marked, and labeled, and they are free from damage, defects, or other issues that could affect their quality or value. The document is usually required for international shipments and is important for customs clearance and for negotiating payment terms between the buyer and seller. 


A Clean Bill of Lading is often preferred by shippers because it means that there are no discrepancies or issues with the shipment, and it reduces the risk of disputes or delays in payment. However, a Clean Bill of Lading does not necessarily mean that the goods will arrive at their destination in the same condition as they were when they were loaded. 

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