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Claused Bill of Lading

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A bill of lading that contains notations or clauses regarding the terms and condition of the cargo.

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What is a Claused Bill of Lading?

A Claused Bill of Lading in shipping is a document that contains a note or clause added by the carrier or shipping line on the bill of lading. The clause is added when the carrier identifies any damage or discrepancies in the shipment or when the goods are not in the expected condition. The carrier will note the issue on the bill of lading to inform the consignee of the condition of the goods upon delivery. 


Clauses in a bill of lading can vary depending on the nature of the issue identified. Some of the common clauses include clauses noting damage to the goods, short shipment or overage, and discrepancies in the packaging or labeling of the goods. 


When a Claused Bill of Lading is issued, the consignee must acknowledge the clause before taking delivery of the goods. The consignee can either accept the goods as they are or reject them based on the condition of the shipment. If the consignee accepts the goods, it means that they are agreeing to take delivery of the goods with the noted issue, and they may seek compensation from the carrier or shipping line for the issue identified. 


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