Chargeable Weight

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A measurement used to determine the price of the shipment; gross or volumetric.

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How to calculate chargeable weight?

The chargeable weight is used by air freight forwarders to calculate the charges of air freight or local trucking. The weight is calculated as the actual or volumetric weight of the cargo, whichever is more. 


The chargeable weight can be determined as: 


Volumetric weight (kg) = Length x Width x Height/ divisor 


For instance, if the shipment has the following measurements, length = 60 cm, width = 90 cm, height = 80cm, actual weight = 30 kgs; the chargeable weight will be: 


Weight = 60 x 90 x 80/6000 = 72 kgs 


Since the actual weight is lower than the volumetric weight, the air freight forwarder will use volumetric weight to determine the charges. 


This technique is used for large items that have less overall weight but are bigger in size and take up more space on the aircraft. 

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