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Anchoring Progress in Emerging Maritime Logistics  

Anchoring Progress in Emerging Maritime Logistics  

Al Sharqi stands as a prominent 3PL player in the UAE, extending comprehensive solutions to diverse industries, effectively addressing their supply chain challenges, and providing invaluable insights into the latest trends for seizing strategic opportunities. Here are key highlights that illuminate the dynamic landscape of the maritime industry:

Ports and Maritime Transactions to Decline 

There has been a decline in transaction activity in 2023 due to factors like global economic uncertainty and high seller expectations.


Green Hydrogen Logistics Chain  

Ports are aiming to become hydrogen hubs, and shipping lines are looking to improve efficiency and environmental friendliness. 


Advancements in Energy Efficiency 

Maritime enterprises are increasingly embracing energy-efficient strategies to minimize greenhouse gas emissions and cut fuel expenses.  

Integration of Maritime IoT 

Constant monitoring and tracking ensure safer navigation by reducing collision risks and aiding ships in navigating adverse weather conditions. 


Enhanced Learning through Immersive Reality 

Augmented and mixed reality solutions bridge the gap of hands-on experience by providing targeted information during training and maintenance tasks.  

Bulk Shipping conatiner


Our experience in the field and our global network

The maritime industry encompasses all activities related to the sea, including shipping, transportation, trade, exploration, and resource extraction. It involves maritime transportation, offshore operations, shipbuilding, and marine services.  

The maritime shipping industry primarily deals with the transportation of goods and passengers through waterways, including oceans, seas, and rivers. It involves various types of vessels, such as cargo ships, container ships, tankers, and cruise liners.  

The significance of the maritime industry lies in its role as a global trade facilitator, connecting nations and enabling the movement of goods, energy resources, and people across the world. It plays a vital role in international trade, economic growth, and the functioning of supply chains.  

Maritime services encompass a wide range of specialized activities, including ship management, maritime law, marine insurance, port operations, ship repair and maintenance, maritime security, and marine research. These services support the smooth functioning, safety, and efficiency of maritime operations. 

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