Cubic Capacity

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The total amount of space inside a container, typically measured in cubic feet or cubic meters.

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What is Cubic Capacity?

Cubic capacity in shipping refers to the total volume or space inside a shipping container or trailer, typically measured in cubic meters or cubic feet. It represents the maximum amount of cargo that can be loaded into the container or trailer, taking into account the available space and weight capacity. 


Cubic capacity can vary depending on the type and size of the container or trailer being used. For example, a 20-foot shipping container typically has a cubic capacity of around 33 cubic meters (1,165 cubic feet), while a 40-foot shipping container has a cubic capacity of around 67 cubic meters (2,390 cubic feet). Similarly, the cubic capacity of a trailer can vary depending on its size and configuration, with some trailers offering higher cubic capacity due to their design. 

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