Certificate of Manufacture

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A document that provides details about the manufacturing process of a product.

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What is a Certificate of Manufacture?

A Certificate of Manufacture (COM) is a document that certifies that a product has been manufactured according to certain specifications or standards. In shipping, a COM is often used to provide assurance to the buyer that the products being shipped meet certain quality standards and have been produced in accordance with specific requirements. 


A COM typically includes information about the product’s manufacturing process, such as the date and location of manufacture, the raw materials used, and any specific methods or procedures used to manufacture the product. It may also include information about any testing or quality control measures that were taken during the manufacturing process. 


COMs are commonly used in the shipping of products where quality and safety are critical, such as in the manufacturing of pharmaceuticals or medical devices. They provide a standardized method for verifying that a product has been manufactured according to specific standards and can help to prevent the shipment of defective or unsafe products. 

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