Connecting Carrier

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A carrier that transports a shipment between two other carriers as part of a transportation arrangement.

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Who is a Connecting Carrier?

A Connecting Carrier in shipping refers to a carrier that is used to transport goods between two points when the initial carrier is unable to provide service to the final destination. This typically occurs when a shipment must be transferred from one mode of transportation to another, such as from a vessel to a truck or from a truck to a railcar. 


For example, a shipment of goods may be transported by ocean freight to a port city, but then must be transferred to a truck or railcar to reach its final destination. In this case, the ocean carrier would be the initial carrier, and the trucking or rail company would be the connecting carrier. 


Connecting carriers play an important role in ensuring that goods can be transported efficiently and effectively across different modes of transportation. They are responsible for coordinating with other carriers and ensuring that goods are transferred safely and securely between different modes of transportation. 

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