Common Carrier

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A transportation company that offers its services to the general public.

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Who is a Common Carrier?

In shipping, a common carrier is a transportation company or entity that offers its services to the general public for the carriage of goods or passengers for a fee. Common carriers are required to offer their services to anyone who requests them, without discrimination or undue preference, subject to capacity and regulatory constraints. 


Common carriers may operate in various modes of transportation, including shipping, trucking, rail, and air transport. They may provide scheduled or on-demand services and may offer a range of different transport options and service levels, depending on the needs of their customers. 


Common carriers are subject to various regulations and requirements, including safety standards, insurance and liability coverage, and reporting and documentation requirements. They are also subject to economic regulation in some jurisdictions, which may involve price controls, market entry requirements, and other measures intended to promote fair competition and consumer protection. 

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