Claim Tracer

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An inquiry made by the carrier to locate missing or lost cargo and determine the status of the claim.

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What is a Claim Tracer?

A claim tracer is a request for information about the status of a claim that has been filed with a carrier or its insurer. If a claim has been filed and the carrier or insurer has not responded or has not provided a satisfactory response, the party that filed the claim may initiate a claim tracer to obtain information about the status of the claim. 


A claim tracer typically includes information about the claim, such as the claim number and the date it was filed, as well as a request for an update on the status of the claim. The carrier or its insurer is required to respond to the claim tracer within a certain timeframe, typically within 10 days, and provide information about the status of the claim and any actions that have been taken to resolve it. 

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