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The consignee is referred as an end customer.

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Who is the consignee in shipping?

A consignee can be a person or a company to whom the products will be delivered to. The consignor sends the shipment to a consignee with the assistance of a carrier or a freight forwarder. More so, a freight forwarder can also be considered as an intermediate consignee. 


During the shipment process, the name of the consignee is mentioned on the Bill of Lading (BL) and they are the only ones who can accept the shipment. For each shipment, there can only be one consignee. 


Conditions to change the consignee’s name 


The name of the consignee on the Bill of Lading can be changed with simple amendments; however, for international deliveries, there is a requirement of permission from customs. In the case, when the shipment documents are missing the name of the consignee, it won’t be possible for the carrier to make such changes and the exporter or customs broker have to do that. 

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