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A demand for payment or compensation for loss, damage, or delay of cargo during transit.

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What does Claim refer to?

In the context of shipping, a claim is a request by a shipper or consignee for compensation or reimbursement for loss or damage to cargo during transportation. When goods are transported by sea, they may be subject to a variety of risks, such as theft, damage, or loss, which can result in financial losses for the owner or consignee of the cargo. If such losses occur, the party that has suffered the loss may file a claim with the carrier or its insurer. 


A claim typically includes information about the shipment, such as the type and quantity of goods, the date and location of the loss or damage, and the value of the cargo. The carrier or its insurer will investigate the claim and determine whether it is valid, and if so, the amount of compensation that is due. 

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