Carton Clamp

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A company or individual that is responsible to transfer cargo from one point to another.

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What is a Carton Clamp?

A carton clamp is a specialized attachment used in material handling equipment, such as forklifts, to handle and transport cartons or boxes. It is typically used in warehouse and distribution environments, where large quantities of boxed goods need to be moved quickly and efficiently. 


A carton clamp consists of two hydraulic clamps that are attached to the arms of a forklift. The clamps are designed to securely grip the sides of a box or carton, without damaging the contents. The operator of the forklift can then lift and move the box, without the need for pallets or other handling equipment. 


Carton clamps are commonly used in industries such as retail, grocery, and consumer goods, where large volumes of boxed products need to be transported quickly and efficiently. They can help to reduce labor costs and increase productivity by enabling forklift operators to handle multiple boxes at once, without the need for additional handling equipment. 

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