Brokerage License

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A license required for individuals or companies who act as brokers in certain industries.

What is a Brokerage License?

A brokerage license in shipping is a legal permit or authorization that allows an individual or company to act as a broker in the transportation and logistics industry. The brokerage license is issued by the regulatory authorities in the country or region where the broker operates and is required to engage in brokerage activities. 


In order to obtain a brokerage license, the individual or company must meet certain requirements, which may vary depending on the jurisdiction. Generally, these requirements include passing a background check, obtaining appropriate insurance coverage, and demonstrating knowledge and expertise in the shipping industry. 


The brokerage license grants the broker the legal authority to represent clients in the transportation and logistics industry, negotiate contracts, arrange transportation, and provide logistics support. This includes acting on behalf of shippers, carriers, and other stakeholders in the shipping industry. 

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