Bonded Terminal

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A facility authorized by customs to store and process imported goods before they are cleared.

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What is a Bonded Terminal?

A bonded terminal in shipping is a secure facility where goods are stored under customs supervision and control until they are released for import or export. A bonded terminal can be operated by a shipping company, freight forwarder, or other logistics provider and is typically located near a seaport, airport, or other point of entry or exit for international trade. 

The purpose of a bonded terminal is to allow shippers to store their goods in a secure location while awaiting customs clearance and other regulatory approvals. Goods that are stored in a bonded terminal are considered to be in transit and are not subject to customs duties or other taxes until they are released for import or export. 


In addition to storage, bonded terminals may also offer a range of value-added services, such as customs clearance, cargo handling, and freight forwarding. By providing a one-stop-shop for logistics services, bonded terminals can help to streamline the shipping process and reduce costs for shippers. 

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