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Pioneering Innovations in Pharmaceuticals 

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Pioneering Innovations in Pharmaceuticals 

Al Sharqi is your comprehensive solution for all pharmaceutical supply chain requirements. As a prominent player in the pharmaceutical sector, we stand at the forefront of emerging trends and invaluable insights within the industry. Here are the pivotal trends that will be shaping the future of the pharmaceutical landscape:

Personalized Medicine  

Advances in genomics and other technologies are likely to continue in the coming years, driving this trend to be a popular one 


Digital Health  

Companies are developing new digital health tools to help patients manage their health and provide better data to healthcare providers.



Biosimilars similar to existing biologic drugs but offer a more affordable alternative to expensive biologics.  

Gene Therapy  

The potential for gene therapy to revolutionize healthcare is significant, and pharmaceutical companies are investing heavily in research and development  


Biotech Systems  

Biotech systems are another trend that is expected to flourish in 2023, especially in the developing economies like China, India, and Japan.    

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The UAE hosts several pharmaceutical industries that contribute to its thriving healthcare sector, with numerous companies engaged in the production, distribution, and research of pharmaceutical products. 

Julphar (Gulf Pharmaceutical Industries) is one of the leading pharmaceutical companies in the UAE, recognized for its production of a wide range of pharmaceutical products and healthcare solutions.  

Dubai, a prominent hub in the UAE, accommodates several pharmaceutical industry players, contributing to the city’s healthcare ecosystem, with companies engaged in various aspects of pharmaceutical production and distribution.  

The pharmaceutical industry in the Emirates encompasses a dynamic landscape of companies involved in research, manufacturing, distribution, and innovation, collectively contributing to the healthcare advancements and well-being of the population. 

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