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Air Priority

Air Priority

This adhoc option is for when you’re time constrained. This is a customized air freight with fast delivery all around the world in just 24-48 hours, which is ideal for emergency goods. When you’re operating within a tight timeline and need a customized air freight solution, Air Priority is the way to go.

Value Added Services

Multi-Supplier Consolidation

Combining multi-supplier and multiple order at Origin into a single order, packed and shipped via  Consolidation, customs clearance, deconsolidation and delivery to multiple addresses within a destination country or to a single address.

We do the whole nine yard.

Door to Door

Al Sharqi Shipping has an established and unparalleled global presence through an independent agent network & Association. Through this network, we have trusted agents and partners operating  in all major ports and airports to ensure flexible, reliable and responsive single-source solutions across 190 countries

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