Trade Solutions

IOR & EOR - Importer on Record Exporter on Record

IOR & EOR - Importer on Record / Exporter on Record

The Importer on Record & Exporter on Record services allow your company to easily expand your products into new markets without the burden of establishing new legal entities in foreign countries. We take the responsibility of all the complexities and make your trade effortless.


Value Added Services

Temporary Storage Solutions

Within these facilities you can combine Multiple-Suppliers, Multiple-Origins, Multiple-Freight type, Multiple-Orders for either consolidation or Deconsolidation, which enables you to manipulate inventory at our facility without paying any Duties or Taxes.

Cutomized Solutions for your Industry

When it comes to addressing the complexities of trade compliance, off-the-shelf plans are risky. You essentially tell us about your product and trade needs, and we match your needs and goals to our experts to provide practical on-the-ground solutions. Speak with a compliance trade consultant from Al Sharqi now.