Gross Weight (G.R.Wt./GW)

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The total weight of a shipment, including the weight of the goods, packaging, and any other materials.

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What is Gross Weight (G.R.Wt./GW) & how is it calculated?

Gross Weight (G.R.Wt./GW) is the total weight of a shipment, including the weight of the goods, packaging materials, and any other additional materials used to transport the goods. In the context of shipping, the gross weight is used to calculate the shipping cost, as well as to determine the maximum allowable weight of a shipment for transportation by a specific mode of transportation, such as a vessel or an aircraft. 


The calculation of the gross weight of a shipment depends on the mode of transportation and the regulations of the country of origin and destination. In general, the gross weight can be calculated by adding the weight of the goods and the weight of the packaging materials. 


For example, if a shipment contains 10 boxes of goods with a weight of 20 kilograms each and the weight of each box is 2 kilograms, then the gross weight of the shipment would be: 


10 boxes x (20 kg + 2 kg) = 220 kg 


It’s essential to ensure that the gross weight of a shipment is accurately calculated and declared to avoid any issues during transportation or customs clearance. 

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