Cargo Manifest

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A document that lists the details of all cargo loaded on a vessel or aircraft for transport.

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What is Cargo Manifest?

A Cargo Manifest in shipping is a document that lists all of the cargo that is being transported on a ship. It provides a detailed inventory of the cargo and is used to track and manage the shipment of goods. 

The Cargo Manifest typically includes information such as the type of goods being transported, the quantity of each item, the weight and dimensions of each item, and the name and address of the shipper and consignee. The manifest may also include information about any hazardous materials that are being transported, as well as any special handling or storage instructions. 


The Cargo Manifest is an important document for both the shipper and the carrier, as it serves as a record of the cargo that is being transported and helps to ensure that the goods are properly accounted for and delivered to the correct destination. The manifest is also used for customs and regulatory purposes and may be required by authorities in both the port of departure and the port of arrival. 

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