Case Pack

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The number of individual items contained within a case.

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What is a Case Pack?

Case pack in shipping refers to the number of individual units of a product that are packed together in a single case or box for shipping purposes. The number of units in a case pack can vary depending on the product and the specific requirements of the retailer or distributor that the product is being shipped to. 

Case packs are used to simplify the shipping process by allowing retailers and distributors to receive products in larger quantities, which can reduce shipping costs and increase efficiency. They also help ensure that products are packaged and shipped in a consistent manner, which can help prevent damage during transit and make it easier to manage inventory. 


For example, a case pack of a particular product might contain 12 individual units of that product, and a retailer might order 24 case packs to receive a total of 288 units. This allows the retailer to receive a larger quantity of the product at once, which can be more cost-effective than shipping smaller quantities over multiple shipments. 

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