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Fulfilment E-Commerce


You’ll need new fulfillment solutions as your eCommerce business expands, or you’ll need to alter your supply chain strategy to deal with high seasons or new product releases. Al Sharqi provides a quick onboarding process as well as a full range of eCommerce fulfillment services, including carefully designed and managed solutions.


Value Added Services

E-fulfilment Value

Cost - Efficient ground Next-Day delivery 

Agility - Adjust & Flex as needed 

Scalable - Start in one site & then expand 

Speed - Plug & Play, no setup time 

Transparency - Clear Operations & Billing 

Customer Experience - Deliver promise consistently 

E-Cross Border Solutions

E-commerce Fulfilment and Last-mile delivery expertise 

Language and account support 

Logistics provider simplification 

Reliable final mile shipping options

Sales channel diversification 

Visibility across the entire supply chain