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The transportation of goods over a short distance, usually within a city or region.

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Who is a Cartage Agent?

A cartage agent is a transportation intermediary who provides cartage services to shippers and carriers. They act as a link between the shipper and the carrier, facilitating the movement of goods between different locations within a city or region. 


Cartage agents typically work with local trucking companies and transportation providers to arrange for the pick-up and delivery of goods. They may also provide additional services, such as customs clearance, cargo handling, and storage. 


The responsibilities of a cartage agent may include: 


  • Arranging for the pick-up and delivery of goods 
  • Coordinating transportation services with local trucking companies 
  • Providing quotes for cartage services 
  • Managing logistics and scheduling 
  • Ensuring compliance with regulations and safety standards 
  • Providing updates on shipment status to shippers and carriers 


Cartage agents are important in the shipping industry as they provide a critical link between shippers and carriers, ensuring that goods are transported efficiently and cost-effectively. They can help shippers and carriers to optimize their transportation operations and reduce costs by providing access to local expertise and resources. 

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