Cross-Belt Sorter

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An automated system used in warehouses and distribution centers to sort and move packages or goods.

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What is a Cross-Belt Sorter?

A Cross-Belt Sorter is a type of material handling system used in shipping and logistics operations to sort and distribute packages and parcels quickly and efficiently. The system consists of a conveyor belt that runs perpendicular to a series of small, motorized belts or “cross belts.” As packages move along the main conveyor belt, the cross belts move in a perpendicular direction to divert the packages onto chutes or other conveyors that lead to their intended destination. 


The Cross-Belt Sorter is a highly automated system that can handle a large volume of packages and parcels at high speeds. It is commonly used in warehouses, distribution centers, and shipping hubs where packages need to be sorted and routed quickly and accurately. 

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