Container Freight Station (CFS)

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A facility where cargo is consolidated, deconsolidated, and/or temporarily stored in containers.

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What is a Container Freight Station (CFS)?

A Container Freight Station (CFS) is a facility that is used for the consolidation and deconsolidation of cargo that is transported in shipping containers. CFS facilities are typically located near ports or other transportation hubs and are used by shipping companies, freight forwarders, and other logistics providers to manage the movement of cargo in and out of containers. 


CFS facilities may offer a range of services, including container loading and unloading, cargo consolidation, cargo inspection and handling, customs clearance, and storage. They are designed to provide a centralized location for cargo handling and logistics services, which can help to streamline the shipping process and reduce costs for shippers and other stakeholders. 


At a CFS facility, cargo is typically unloaded from shipping containers and sorted by destination, before being consolidated into new containers for onward shipment. This can involve the use of specialized equipment, such as forklifts or cranes, to move and handle cargo safely and efficiently. 

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