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Consumer Unit Indicator (CUI)

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A code that identifies the unit of measurement for a product.

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What is a Consumer Unit Indicator (CUI)?

A Consumer Unit Indicator (CUI) is a marking that is used in the shipping industry to indicate the number of individual consumer units contained within a larger shipping unit, such as a carton or pallet. The purpose of the CUI is to facilitate the tracking and handling of individual consumer units throughout the supply chain, from the point of manufacture to the final point of sale. 


The CUI typically consists of a numeric code that is printed on the outside of the shipping unit, along with other identifying information such as the product name and lot number. The numeric code represents the number of individual consumer units contained within the shipping unit and is used by retailers and other handlers to quickly and accurately count and track inventory. 


For example, a carton of cereal might have a CUI of 12, indicating that it contains 12 individual boxes of cereal. A pallet of soda might have a CUI of 480, indicating that it contains 480 individual cans of soda. 

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