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A point in the supply chain where the flow of goods is slowed or disrupted.

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What does Bottleneck refer to?

A bottleneck in shipping refers to a point in the transportation or logistics process where the flow of goods is slowed or restricted due to a bottleneck, such as congestion, limited capacity, or other operational issues. 


Bottlenecks can occur at various stages of the shipping process, from the point of origin to the final destination. For example, a bottleneck may occur at a port due to a high volume of shipments or limited cargo handling capacity. Alternatively, a bottleneck may occur during transportation due to traffic congestion, road closures, or other logistical challenges. 


Bottlenecks can have a significant impact on shipping operations, causing delays, increased costs, and reduced efficiency. They can also lead to disruptions in the supply chain and impact the ability of businesses to meet customer demand. 

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