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Backstage Areas

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Areas within a venue only accessible for storage, preparation, or other business purposes.

What are Backstage Areas?

In shipping, the backstage area refers to the part of a port or terminal that is not accessible to the public and is used for operational purposes, such as loading and unloading cargo, maintenance of equipment, and storage of supplies and equipment. 


The backstage area is typically separated from the public areas of the port or terminal by fences or walls and is accessible only to authorized personnel, such as dockworkers, truck drivers, and shipping company employees. This area is also sometimes referred to as the “working area” or the “operations area.” 


The backstage area is critical to the efficient operation of a port or terminal, as it is where cargo is transferred between ships, trucks, and other modes of transportation. It is also where cargo is inspected, sorted, and stored before being loaded onto or unloaded from ships. 

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