Hanging Garments

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Preserving Elegance from Factory to Store – Explore how specialized hanger systems and careful handling maintain the quality of delicate clothing.

The Practice of Hanging Garments

Hanging garments, often referred to as “hanging apparel” or “garment on hanger” (GOH), is a specialized logistics method for transporting clothing, particularly delicate or high-end garments such as suits, dresses, and formalwear. Instead of folding and packing clothes into boxes or containers, hanging garments are transported on hangers within specialized racks or containers designed to maintain the garments’ integrity and prevent wrinkles or damage. 




  • Hanging garments are commonly used in the retail sector for transporting clothing from manufacturers or distribution centers to retail stores. 
  • Clothing manufacturers use hanging garment logistics to transport their finished products to distribution centers or directly to retailers. 
  • The fashion industry relies on hanging garment logistics to transport designer clothing to runway shows, exhibitions, and retail events.  

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