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Al Sharqi’s Customs Brokerage from Qingdao to Karachi | A Case Study

Al Sharqi’s Customs Brokerage from Qingdao to Karachi | A Case Study

Customs Brokerage from Qingdao to Karachi
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Al Sharqi Solutions facilitated the successful transportation of heavy machinery and spare parts from Qingdao, China, to Karachi, Pakistan. The process involved strategic planning and adept handling of logistics challenges, leading to a successful execution despite initial setbacks. Keep on reading to learn more details. 

Customer Challenge

The primary obstacles encountered by customer were:  

  • Non-availability of space which led to significant delays.  
  • The heavy and oversized nature of the cargo, combined with strict timelines and the need for special handling and equipment, compounded the challenge.  
  • The customer’s request for loading the Crawler Dozer in a 40 dry van. 

Our Solution

Crawler Dozer from a 40 dry Container

To address the issue,  


  • Al Sharqi explored multiple shipping options and alternative lines to find available space that could accommodate the special requirements of the cargo.  
  • The unit of a wheel loader bulldozer along with spare parts was loaded on a 40’ flat rack.   
  • The team’s proactive approach included uploading the Crawler Dozer from a 40 dry Container to 20’ flat rack containers after a detailed inspection and verification process, ensuring the cargo could be securely and efficiently transported.  

These strategies were crucial in overcoming the space constraints and logistical challenges.  

Customer’s Benefits

The adept handling of logistics by Al Sharqi led to following benefits: 


  • Despite initial delays, both shipments were executed flawlessly, with the cargo arriving intact and on time.  
  • By using flat racks and expertly securing and lashing it to the platform for shipping prevented potential damage and additional costs associated with unsuitable packing. 

This case study exemplifies how Al Sharqi’s customized solutions and agile response to shipping challenges can provide tangible benefits to customers navigating the complexities of global trade and logistics.  

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