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Resolving Documentation Discrepancies in Customs Brokerage | A Case Study

Custom Bokerage Documentation

Resolving Documentation Discrepancies in Customs Brokerage | A Case Study

Navigating Challenges to Ensure Seamless Import Operations


This case study illustrates how proactive problem-solving and strategic communication can resolve documentation discrepancies in customs brokerage, avoiding penalties and ensuring successful shipment clearance. Faced with the risk of being blacklisted and fined by Dubai Municipality due to a mismatch in health certificates for a food shipment, a tailored approach was devised to rectify the issue and secure the consignment’s release.

Customer Challenge

Upon arrival of a food shipment via air, an inspection revealed a mismatch in the declared health certificate numbers. The discrepancy threatened to blacklist the consignee from Dubai Municipality and impose a fine of 3000 AED. Investigation disclosed that the original health certificate was lost by the supplier, and a second one had been reissued, complicating the clearance process.

Our Solution

Understanding the gravity of the situation, our team acted swiftly to mitigate the risks. We devised an innovative solution that included:

  • Instructing the consignee to draft a letter to Dubai Municipality, explaining the loss and reissuance of the health certificate, ensuring that both documents represented the same consignment.
  • Simultaneously, obtaining a corroborating letter from the supplier.

This strategic communication effectively clarified the confusion and substantiated the authenticity of the shipment documents.

Customer’s Benefits

The customer gained multiple benefits by choosing Al Sharqi.

  • Our timely and innovative intervention led to the successful clearance of the shipment without any penalties or blacklisting.
  • By averting a potential crisis, we not only saved the client from a significant financial burden but also preserved their reputation and operational integrity within the import-export ecosystem.

This case exemplifies our commitment to providing tailored solutions that address complex challenges in customs brokerage.

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