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The Import of Passenger Boats to Abu Dhabi | A Case Study

The Import of Passenger Boats to Abu Dhabi | A Case Study


This case study illustrates the successful importation of two passenger boats from China to Jebel Ali Port, followed by delivery to Al Sadiyat, Abu Dhabi. Facing challenges such as customs clearance, specialized loading and offloading, and transportation of heavy dimensions, a detailed logistics strategy was crucial.

Streamlining the Voyage of Vessels with Expertise

Customer Challenge

The primary challenge was


  • Managing the complex import process, including securing the necessary equipment for handling heavy cargo
  • Navigating the intricate customs
  • Fulfilling transportation requirements.

Our Solution

The customer’s query was a fit for Al Sharqi’s following services:


Customs Clearance and Coordination: Expedited customs clearance was achieved through meticulous documentation and liaison with authorities.

Specialized Equipment Utilization: Arranged for cranes and lashing to safely load and offload the boats on a low bed trailer, ensuring the item integrity.

Specialized Transportation: Managed and secured the transportation of the boats with our Specialized Transport” division that was responsible for procuring the low bed trailer  to their final destination, including all necessary permits.

Customer’s Benefits

The operation’s success provided significant benefits, including timely delivery, cost efficiency, and peace of mind knowing that the boats were handled with the utmost care and professionalism.

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