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Air Shipment to Malabo

Air Shipment to Malabo l Al Sharqi Case Study

Air Shipment to Malabo


This is the case of successfully delivering heavy studio equipment to Malabo. This was a diplomat cargo which they wanted to move along with time-sensitivity; which is the reason they first reached out to Al Sharqi. The nature of the delivery was the perfect fit for the Al Sharqi Air Freight team. 

air freight to malabo

Get Your Time-Critical Cargo Quickly to its Destination

Customer Challenge

The client reached out to us to transport their studio equipment to Malabo by air shipment. Due to the urgency of the cargo, the client required an expert to perform a range of activities including: 


  • Careful packing
  • Safe loading into Pickup and haulage insurance 
  • International delivery to Airport of Destination 

This is when they reached out to Al Sharqi Shipping for assistance to provide One-window operations for their needs.  


Customer’s benefits

The client got the multiple benefits by working with Al Sharqi’s specialized air freight team, 


  • Proper packaging of the product 
  • Securing them in 29 pallets  
  • Loading them safely on to the aircraft  
  • Delivering the product to Malabo safely.  
packaged goods

Al Sharqi Shipping has been in the industry for over 30 years now, helping the clients move their cargo timely and securely. With the air chartering service, we assist the customers to transport the bulky loads on the air shipments in a short amount of time.  

Our customer service team is happy to assist you with planing your next booking.


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