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Safe and Compliant Air Freight for High-Value Electronics | A Case Study

Safe and Compliant Air Freight for High-Value Electronics | A Case Study

Expert Handling of Bulk Mobile Device Shipments


Al Sharqi Shipping successfully managed the air freight of 26 pieces of new iPhones Mobiles, ensuring compliance with Dangerous Goods (DG) regulations. The shipment, originating from the Dubai Airport Free Zone Authority (DAFZA), required specialized handling due to lithium battery shipping. Despite challenges, including stringent export regulations and the need for DG compliance, Al Sharqi facilitated a smooth and secure transfer of goods. 

Customer Challenge

Identifying the primary obstacles faced during the air freight process for mobile devices. 

  • DG Compliance: The shipment contained lithium batteries, requiring DG                           certificates and proper labeling. 
  • Special Handling Requirements: All boxes needed DG stickers and compliance             with specific handling information. 
  • Export from Free Zone: Exporting from DAFZA, where only a few agents are                       authorized to handle such shipments. 
  • Passenger Flight Constraints: Ensuring the shipment could be safely transported         on a passenger flight (class p967 class 2). 

Our Solution

Detailing the strategies and actions implemented to address the customer’s challenges. 

  • Compliance Assurance: We ensured all boxes had the required DG stickers and certificates,           complying with lithium battery transport regulations. 
  • Specialized Handling: Our team handled the packing and labeling meticulously, adhering to all        safety and handling guidelines. 
  • Authorized Agent Coordination: As a DAFZA-registered logistics company, we coordinated             seamlessly with the necessary authorities to manage the export. 
  • Passenger Flight Preparation: Verified that the shipment met the requirements for passenger       flight transportation, ensuring safe and compliant transfer. 

Customer’s Benefits

Highlighting the positive outcomes and advantages experienced by the customer. 

  • Safety and Compliance: The customer benefited from assured compliance            with all DG regulations, minimizing the risk of penalties or delays. 
  • Expert Handling: Our specialized handling of lithium batteries ensured the              safe transport of high-value electronics. 
  • Seamless Export Process: The customer experienced a smooth export                      process from DAFZA, facilitated by our status as an authorized logistics                    company. 
  • Efficient Transportation: The shipment was successfully transferred on a               passenger flight, optimizing transit time and costs. 

For more information about Al Sharqi Shipping and Logistics and its award-winning services, please visit www.alsharqi.co. 

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