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Warehouse Services in Ajman

Warehouse Services in Ajman

Without a doubt, warehousing is the crux and icing on the cake for the supply chain. In fact, it’s the node that links the overall material flow from the producer, supplier to the customer.  


Billions of companies with global footprints make use of warehousing. According to Expert Market Research, the global demand for warehouses will reach USD 557 billion by 2026.  Given that, the need for warehousing remains indubitable.  


If you’re looking for a place to warehouse products, Ajman is a free trade zone that allows the manufacturing and reconfiguring of goods without inappropriate customs intervention. Being low-cost and highly operational, the warehouses are in demand. Read on to learn more about them. 

Warehousing Solutions: Free Zone Vs. Non-Free Zone

A warehouse is a defined place used by companies to store products and raw materials. Warehouses operate in either a free zone or a non-free zone. 

Free-Zone: What it Means?

A free-zone warehouse, also known as foreign trade zone, is simply a place or region where goods are stored without paying for a duty surcharge or inventory taxes. It can be in duty reduction, elimination, or deferral. It’s a cost-effective warehouse because it’s characterized by: 


  • Better quality control 
  • Compliance and inventory tracking 
  • Indefinite storage of goods 
  • Freedom from inverted tariffs and  
  • Duty exemptions on re-exports 

Non-Free Zone: What it Means?

A non-free zone warehouse is the direct opposite of a free-zone warehouse. It’s also known as a custom bonded zone because the totality of activities in the ambiance is subject to the consent and approval of the customs authority.  


Warehouses under the auspices of this zone go through the customs processes. This means the government supervises the storage of goods from the warehouse to the distribution stage in the zone and charges duties and taxes.  


However, these duties and taxes are collected only when the goods or products are withdrawn for consumption.  

The Dynamics of Al Sharqi Warehousing Services in Ajman

Warehousing services in Ajman, especially Al Sharqi’s, offer top-notch services from the pick and pack to subassembly, distribution center management, and others. Being client-oriented, they prioritize several processes as part of the value proposition. The dynamics include: 

Warehousing Services as a Function of Time

Time is a crucial factor in warehousing. It forms the nucleus of the objectives of a warehouse and the regulation of delivery and inventory management. In this vein, A dynamic warehouse will devise storage plans to meet short-term and long-term demands. 

Short-term warehousing storage

Short-term warehousing storage keeps goods for a minimum of three months and a maximum of 90 days. It’s an excellent option for companies with low budgets and small-quantity orders. It’s also a perfect solution for businesses to meet the sudden rise in product demands. 

Goods stored for long terms are protected and kept for a minimum of 12 months and a maximum of five years. Brands and companies with durable or seasonal goods with large-quantity orders can use this service. 

Based on Budget and Requirements

Budget and requirements are other factors that determine warehousing functions. Any client-oriented warehouse will consider the financial capabilities of companies through shared and dedicated warehousing. 

Shared warehousing is a value-added process that allows multiple clients to utilize a shared distribution facility and warehouse. It’s the best option for small-scale businesses and startups. 

This is the management of a widely spaced warehouse, specially made for a single client. It’s highly recommended for large equipment-based firms. 

Based on Storage Facilities

Inherent operations and architectural structures also define the typologies of a warehouse, including: 

Open yard warehouses

As the name suggests, this warehouse-type is an open space used as a distribution facility for clients in large-scale industries. It’s a warehouse used for the quick sorting and distribution of goods and products. So, it’s cheap and fast, guided by flexible policies. 

Closed yard warehouses

The closed yard warehouse is commonly used. It’s simply a distribution facility in an enclosed wall irrespective of size. Both large-scale and small-scale businesses can use it. 

Dry warehouses

This warehouse is focused on storing clients’ non-water resistant goods and food-related products such as electronics, pharmaceutical products, paper products, fruits and beverages, and apparel. An up-to-date policy guides this warehouse to secure safety and protection before and during the distribution processing. 

Closed temperature warehouses

The closed temperature warehouse comes in different storage temperatures. It could be heated, unheated, cold, and multi-temperature. Any form of temperature is chosen depending on clients’ requests and goods. 

Based on Cargo

Warehouses under this classification are defined by the inventories and cargo used. Some of them include: 

General cargo storage

This is also called the free storage warehouse. It’s made to protect the quality and quantity of all clients’ products. 

Dangerous goods (DG) storage

Toxic products, explosives, oxidizing agents, radioactive corrosives, and other highly flammable goods are kept in this type of distribution facility. There are usually protection measures in the transshipment of dangerous goods in this facility. 

This warehouse is dedicated to protecting and ensuring materials are stored under specific temperatures. It’s a customizable facility that is designed to meet clients’ needs. 

Based on the Packaging System

Warehouses are designed to meet the desired needs of all clients. They mainly ensure that goods and products in their custody don’t get damaged or stolen. To meet this aim, an efficient packaging system is in place to sustain the storage and delivery of products within the assigned period. 


Simply put, it’s the utilization of pallet racks made to protect assigned goods and products. The sole purpose of using this packaging system is to ensure that goods remain in absolutely perfect condition while in transit. The standard size of the pallet is 48 by 40 inches. 


This is another choice of storage packing system used by warehouses. Not all products and goods are fit for the palletization packing method. It can be constructed to any length and take on about 200 kilograms of goods. 

Racking Solutions

A racking system is the capacity arrangement intended to stack materials in even lines with various levels. These racking systems can help the warehouse better use stockroom space while getting sorted-out freights to smooth out activities. 

Non-racking flat

This racking style uses the first-in-first-out operation inventory management approach. It’s usually for the storage of goods within unique dimensions. 

Palletized racking

This is also known as the live racking system. The storage capacity of this racking system is more enhanced due to the combination of different dynamic components. 

Hanger racking for fashion clothing

It’s a racking system that is made specifically for the clothing industry. It’s made of upright and cross-beams, circular or oval. 

Specialized Warehousing Services

The dynamics of any warehousing company in Ajman should include specialized warehousing services. These are advanced services that are second to none. Some of them are: 

Bonded Warehousing

The bonded warehouse is mainly used for manufacturing industries. Products stored in this warehouse are not charged until they’re removed for exportation or taken from the market. Logistics and warehousing services in Ajman operate such service in the non-free zone policy. 

Ecommerce Warehousing

The warehouse is the heart of online sales in Ajman and beyond. The e-commerce warehouse has five unique features, namely: carrier integration, control management, racking, goods inward, and fulfillment. Products from the agriculture industry, automobile industry, and textile industry are the most commonly stored in the e-commerce warehouse. 

Food Grade Storage

Similarly, most logistics and warehousing services in Ajman hold advanced certification in food-grade storage. This form of a warehouse is categorized into dry storage, frozen storage, and chilled storage. It’s guided by food and health policy. 

Hazmat and Chemical Storage

Al Sharqi has a Hamzat and Chemical warehouse that stores chemical products and other toxic materials efficiently. To avoid accidents through spillage or damage, a tight-fit pallet and well-ventilated rack are used. 

Why Choose Ajman For Warehousing?

Warehousing services in Ajman enjoy enormous competitive advantages. The region is blessed, and it provides a bulk of benefits for the smooth running of a distribution facility. It’s primarily influenced by: 

Ajman Jurf Area and Ajman Free Zone

To facilitate trade and improve the foreign policy of the United Arab Emirates, the government established Ajman as an economic zone to boost investment prospects and increase economic advantages. 

Presence of High-Quality Warehouse Service Providers/Logistics Firms like Al Sharqi

Two heads are better than one is the familiar anecdote used to emphasize the importance of working jointly in any field. The presence of state-of-the-art logistics firms like Al Sharqi is enough reason to choose Ajman for your warehousing.  

Good Road Networks

Road networks are key players in the warehousing sector; they are a node that links separated stakeholders in the distribution chain. Good road networks in Ajman are bound to increase the overall functions of all warehouses in the region. 

Availability of Airports and Ports

The proximity of suppliers to manufacturers spurs productivity in warehouses. Ajman is a standard port that records the influx of incoming goods and products. Port Ajman is one of the 12 busiest ports in the UAE. Given this fact, Ajman is an excellent place to consider for warehousing. 

What Are the Ideal Locations for Warehouses in Ajman?

Location is a significant criterion to consider in any warehousing company in Ajman. Since it’s a crucial factor in the storage and distribution process, it should be considered. In Ajman, there are five ideal places for warehousing. These locations include: 


  • Ajman Free Zone  
  • Al Jurf Industrial Area  

These cities are well-connected to the neighborhood and have a robust network of bus locations. The proximity of each site also gives quick access to shared and navigable regions in Ajman.  


For instance, the City of Ajman is linked to the Emirates of Sharjah and Dubai. For individuals interested in partaking in the warehousing industry, trade policy is free and open to all.  


Besides, there are no special requirements. However, factors like rent rates, taxes, proximity to ports, railway stations, and airports, and access to labor skills should be considered before making a decision. In all of these, each location offers several flexibilities and possibilities. 

What Does Al Sharqi Provide in Warehousing Solution?

Al Sharqi is known as a warehousing and distribution service in Ajman. But it’s even more renowned for its top-notch solutions. Some of its many benefits and warehousing thrills include: 

Exclusive Warehousing Solutions

Al Sharqi is proficient in providing high-class warehousing management that encompasses shipping, distribution of workloads, tracking, and inventory optimization. 

An Optimized Process with Smart Technology

Technology in all industries has progressed significantly. To measure up with this pace, Al Sharqi utilizes up-to-date technologies like automated picking tools, automated guided vehicles, and automated inventory control platforms to perform all day-to-day functions in the warehouse. This involves the use of automation and digitization in the different aspects of warehousing, such as: 


  • Documentation and records  
  • Movement and placement of Inventories in the warehouse  

Safety and Security of Inventories

With Al Sharqi, you can be rest assured of the safety and security of your inventories. Everything is human and technology monitored. Besides, the company deploys suitable safety measures to ensure you don’t face any business risks regarding your inventories.  

Value-Added Services

Al Sharqi is a client-centric firm that offers extra services to provide an all-around storage experience. It regularly inspects and audits inventory to prevent fraud and detect errors in the packaging of goods or products. Daily, the warehouse storage plans are reorganized for efficiency. Al Sharqi offers to provide an optimal all-around storage experience. These services include: 


  • Stamping and labeling  
  • Packaging and repackaging  
  • Piece picking  
  • Promo pack activities  
  • Carton/case picking  
  • Cross stuffing  


Warehousing services are vast and dynamic but take intentional decisions. The uncertainties in the execution of product deliverables are a significant concern for firms. Requesting for the warehousing services of Al Sharqi will save your company from unforeseen business risks and overhead costs. 

Our customer service team is happy to assist you with planing your next booking.


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