An ECTN (Electronic Cargo Tracking Note) certificate is required for all shipments going to Senegal.

Advisory as of March 1st 2019

We would like to inform you that effective 1st March 2019 (BL date), a cargo Tracking Note (CTN) is mandatory for all shipments to Senegal.

It is mandatory for all Export cargo bound to a destination in Senegal to have a pre-validated CTN ( Cargo Tracking Note) per commodity item which need to be mentioned on the BL and Cargo Manifest. The Shipper must provide CTN number in the Shipping Instruction submitted to Shipping lines or Carriers.

The CTN procedure is not applicable for cargo in transit or transhipped at Senegal. Please be aware that for ‘in transit’ cargo it is mandatory to mentioned in the body of the BL the following remark “Container in transit for Mali”. If the aforementioned requirement is not complied with there is a risk Senegalese customs authorities may block the cargo as the cargo will be considered as local Senegalese cargo.

As per Senegalese law the aforementioned CTN procedure it to be adhered to in full by all shippers moving cargo to Senegal. Non adherence may result in delays in cargo release and fines being issued by COSEC. All costs & consequences related to non-adherence of the CTN procedure will be for shipper’s account.

Good news! As Al Sharqi continues to be your one stop shop for all waiver requirements to Africa, we are now accepting BESC/ECTN certicate creation for shipments bound for Senegal. 

For additional inquiry you may visit our website as chat agents are available to answer your query, you may also call us at +971 04 5233999 or send us an email to

Shipping Ports of Senegal

  • ​Dakar

Pre-Shipment Inspection for Senegal

No preshipment inspection is required at port of loading 

Information and documents required for creating a ECTN Certificate

  • ​Bill of Lading (Final B/L for validation)
  •  Booking Confirmation
  • ​Commercial invoice / currency must be mentioned in USD or EURO
  • ​Freight invoice in the same currency (not needed in case the freight charges are mentioned on the commercial invoice)
  • Export Customs document (Not always applicable)  
  • Country of Origin of the goods (Not always applicable)

Shipping Goods Exempted from Senegal Certificate

  • ​Gold, precious stones, objects of art
  • ​Used personal and household effects
  • ​Shipments with a FOB value under CFA 3,000,000
  • ​Live animals
  • ​Arms and ammunition other than for hunting and/or sport
  • ​Explosive and pyrotechnic products
  • ​Plants and flowers
  • ​ Cinematographic films
  • ​Meat, fish, perishable vegetables and fruits neither frozen or deep frozen
  • ​Postal parcels and samples
  • ​Current newspapers and periodicals, stamped paper, postal and fiscal stamps, bank notes and cheque books
  • ​Commercial samples
  • ​Donations offered to the government, public administrations and NGOs
  • ​Goods subject to tariff exemption
  • ​Goods imported by certain importers which have a special exemption authorization from the government
  • ​Imports by export free zone companies or assimilated

Prohibited Goods for Import to Senegal

  • Meat and poultry products must be covered by a Phytosanitary certificate including a Dioxin Free Certificate
  • Tomato paste: must not contain any additional products other than pure tomato (this restriction includes the addition of salt and/or other spices which is forbidden)

Restrictive Goods Shipping to Senegal


Charges for Senegal ECTN Certificate

For creating an ECTN certificate for Senegal, different rates are applicable. This depends on the Port of Loading and type of shipment, like LCL,  FCL,  Breakbulk or RORO.

How to apply for Senegal BESC or ECTN / CTN Certificate 

All you have to do is to send us a request and we will take care of the waiver certificate for you. 

Additional Information about ECTN Certificate

We are not able to create an ECTN number for Senegal on forehand. Once the draft ECTN is approved, we can submit the ECTN for pre-validation to get the ECTN number. This number can be transmitted to the shipping line in order to obtain the required BL number. For validation of the ECTN we need the final Bill of Lading.

A pre-validated ECTN should be completed and validated within 5 working days. If not, the ECTN will be cancelled. All costs involved will be for the applicant’s account.
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