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DR CONGO Waiver FE​RI Certificate Services

Waiver Requirements For DR CONGO / ​​FE​RI

A FERI (Fiche Électronique des Renseignements a l’Importation) certificate is required for all shipments going to Democratic Republic Congo.

One FERI certificate is required per Bill of Lading (BOL) and must be obtained in the country of loading.

Shipping Ports in DR Congo


Pre Shipment Inspection for DR Congo

Pre-Shipment Inspection of imports for the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) is mandated by the DGDA (Direction Générale des Douanes et Accises) and OCC (Office Congolais de Contrôle), Ministry of Commerce.

Information and documents required for creating FERI Certificate

Shipping Goods Exempted from DR Congo FERI Certificate

Prohibited Goods for Import to Cameroon

‘Mc Ray’ scotch wiskey

‘Ibéro’ oil and ‘Turkey Brand’ vegetable oil

Skin treatment creams:


    • ‘Crusader’ skin toning cream
    • ‘Mipipo’ skin treatment cream
    • ‘Mipipo’ hydroquinone lotion
    • ‘IKB’ medicated cream
    • ‘Symbi’ cream
    • ‘Elegance’ skin toning cream
    • ‘Renue’ super bleaching cream
    • ‘Amba’ cream
    • ‘Desire’ complexion cream
    • ‘Nice’ super cream
    • ‘Tura’ medicated cream
    • ‘HG 12’ germicidal soap
    • ‘Jabiru’ antiseptic germicidal soap
    • ‘Tura Savon’ germicidal soap
    • ‘Mipipo’ germicidal soap
    • ‘Roberts’ medicated soaps
    • ‘Sukissa Bango’ antiseptic soap
    • ‘Bexo’ antiseptic soap
    • ‘Skin Guard antiseptic soap
    • ‘Bicu’ soap
    • Captafol, dinoseb acetate (aretit), dinoseb, binapacryl (morocide), cyhexatin, dieldrin, aldrin, heptachlor, 2-4-5 TCP Trade names of these pesticides are listed thereafter:
    • Made from captafol: difolatan, folcid, merpafol, crisfolatan, folstaf, haipen, mycodifol, ortho difolatan 80, captalatan 80
    • Weed killers made from aretit: HOE 002904, evosit, phenotan
    • Made from dinoseb: subitex, vertac, Dinitro Weed Killer, basanite, chemox general, chemox, chemsect, dynamite, elgetol, hel-fire, kiloseb, nitropone, sinox general, unicrop, caldon, dinitro, DN289, gebutox, premerge, subitex, vertac
    • Made from binapacryl: acricid, ambox, dapacryl, dinoseb, endosan, morocide, HOE 2784, NIA 9044
    • Made from Dieldrin: alvit, dieldrite, octalox, panoram D-31
    • Made from Aldrine: alvit, dieldrex, dieldrite, octalox, panoram D-31, aldrex 30, aldrite, aldrosol, drinox, octalene, seedrin liquid
    • Made from heptachlore: drinox, H-24, heptamul

Restrictive Goods Shipping to Cameroon

Charges for Cameroon BESC Certificate

For creating a BESC certificate for Cameroon different rates are applicable. This depends on the Port of Loading and type of shipment, like LCL,  FCL,  Breakbulk or RORO.

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