Commodity Specialist

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An expert in a particular type of commodity or product.

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Who is a Commodity Specialist?

In shipping, a commodity specialist is a professional who specializes in the trading, shipping, and logistics of a particular commodity. A commodity specialist may work for a shipping company, freight forwarder, or trading firm, and is responsible for managing the transportation and logistics of a specific commodity. 


The role of a commodity specialist may involve a range of tasks, including market analysis, supply chain management, cargo handling, documentation, and regulatory compliance. The specialist may work closely with customers, carriers, and other stakeholders to ensure the safe and efficient transport of the commodity, as well as compliance with relevant regulations and standards. 


Commodity specialists may specialize in a particular commodity, such as oil, gas, chemicals, or agricultural products, and may have in-depth knowledge of the unique requirements and challenges associated with that commodity. They may also have expertise in particular shipping modes, such as bulk shipping or container shipping, and may work with specialized vessels and equipment. 

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