Concealed Shortage

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A shortage in a shipment that is not immediately apparent.

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What is Concealed Shortage?

In shipping, a concealed shortage refers to a situation where the quantity of goods delivered is less than what was stated on the shipping documents, but the shortage is not immediately apparent or visible at the time of delivery or unloading. 


Concealed shortages can occur due to a variety of reasons, such as inaccurate documentation, pilferage, or mishandling during transport. If not detected and reported promptly, concealed shortages can result in disputes between the parties involved in the shipment, including the shipper, carrier, and consignee. 


If a concealed shortage is discovered after delivery, the affected party may file a claim with the carrier for compensation or seek other remedies, depending on the terms of the contract or applicable law. It is important to report any suspected shortages or discrepancies as soon as possible to ensure that appropriate action can be taken to address the issue. 

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