Carrier's Shipment Terminal

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The location where a carrier receives or delivers a shipment.

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What is Carrier's Shipment Terminal?

The Carrier’s Shipment Terminal is a location where a carrier, such as a shipping line or a freight forwarder, receives, consolidates, or dispatches shipments. It can be a physical location, such as a port, terminal, or warehouse, or it can be a virtual location, such as a website or online platform. 


In the context of international shipping, the Carrier’s Shipment Terminal is often the first point of contact between the shipper and the carrier. The carrier receives the shipment at their terminal, checks the cargo for compliance with regulations, and consolidates the shipment with other cargo for transport to the destination. 


The Carrier’s Shipment Terminal may also be the location where the carrier provides additional services, such as customs clearance, cargo handling, and storage, depending on the specific needs of the shipment. 

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