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A shipping container that can be modified to accommodate different types of cargo.

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What does Convertible mean?

In shipping, the term “convertible” typically refers to a type of cargo or shipping container that can be converted from one mode of transport to another. For example, a convertible container may be designed to be transported by truck, rail, and ship, allowing for seamless transportation across multiple modes. 


Convertible cargo may also refer to goods that can be easily adapted or modified for different uses or applications. This type of cargo can be particularly useful in situations where there is a need to quickly change the nature or purpose of the goods being transported. 


In some cases, the term “convertible” may also be used to refer to a type of shipping rate or contract that can be adjusted or modified under certain conditions. For example, a convertible rate may allow for changes in volume or shipment frequency over the course of a contract period, with corresponding adjustments to the rate. 

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